The World’s Greatest Golf Stretch

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The World’s Greatest Golf Stretch

Over the last several months

I have been working hard on my golf game as well as my riding. Therefore I have also been suffering from some lower back pain that I have not felt in years! Over the holidays I have not been swimming as much as I usually do to keep “limber, so I am sure that is part of it.

As I turned to a local masseuse to see if she could “fix me”, she asked if I stretched and of course my answer was “not really”!

When she asked me

That it occurred to me that I stretch my horse before and after every ride as I shared with you in one of my earlier Blog Posts, but I don’t bother to stretch me! She told me my hip flexors were extremely tight and that would ultimately translate into lower back pain. While I felt much better after my massage, I immediately started searching for some good stretches that would not take a lot of time and that would help my back, my golf game as well as my riding. I could not have picked two worse sports for the back!
So, I began searching You Tube for the best stretches for my two passions. The most frustrating thing in my search was that many of these stretches were extremely difficult and put me in positions that this 56 year old body just couldn’t get in to! Many others were 30 plus minutes and while that does not sound like a long time to some, I just don’t have that amount of time in my day. I was searching for a 5 or 10 minute routine.

After hours

After watching various videos’s I finally found my stretch. The funny thing is that the stretch is called “The World’s Greatest Golf Stretch” by Joe Therapy. Why didn’t I think of looking there first? I think I am going to ask him to rename it “The World’s Greatest Golf and Riding Stretch”. What I love about this stretch is that it concentrates on the hip rotation that occurs in both riding and golf. I have started using this stretch every morning and evening for just bout 5-minute sessions each and it is helping me so much. Already my hip flexors and lower back are feeling better. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you, too. Now if this stretch could only promise that I could become “The World’s Greatest Golfer”!
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