Willow Tree Memory Box “Quiet Strength”, by Susan Lordi


Willow Tree Memory Box “Quiet Strength”, by Susan Lordi
If you are looking for something special for that Equestrian who already has everything, try this Willow Tree keepsake memory box called “Quiet Strength” by artist Susan Lordi. Since introducing Willow Tree® in 1999, Susan has conceived, sculpted, and carved the original of each figure in her Kansas City art studio. Her artistic process is rather unique. I love the way she first “sketches” in clay as she forms and carves each piece. This one-of-a-kind approach to product creation makes her pieces truly individual. A little box like this one would look lovely sitting on a desk, coffee table, or bookcase.
“Quiet Strength” makes me think of every one of my horses (and even my mini donkey, Clover) that are so special to me. I reminiscence of the many wonderful early morning or sunset rides. And I think of the familiar whinnies each morning. I wonder about all the times I have laughed and cried in their stalls as I hugged them and they hugged me back. The many courageous times I took a deep breath and went into competitions upon their strong backs, knowing they would take care of me. Yes, “Quiet Strength” is the perfect name for this memory box.
Here is a quote from Susan Lordi about this special creation, “Quiet Strength” represents the powerful relationship that a girl can develop with her horse. A horse is a strength and freedom — a strong and calming presence. Our horse Diamond was an important part of our family for so many years. The time spent with him, for each of us, took us beyond ourselves and let us enjoy just being happy in the present.”
I also have several other memory boxes crafted by Susan Lordi. One of them is called “Truly a Friend” which depicts a young girl playing with her dog and the other is called “From the Heart” which has a woman holding onto a red heart. Both of these boxes hold the dog tags and hair clippings of my passed-away fur babies. I love opening them from time to time to be with them again.

Willow Tree Keepsake Boxes


So, if you are looking for a special gift for someone or even for yourself, try these wonderful memory boxes created by Susan Lordi and Willow Tree.

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