Smart Home: Intelligent Ways to Improve Your House

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Smart Home: Intelligent Ways to Improve Your House
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Smart Home: Intelligent Ways to Improve Your House

Although we can’t purchase a magic closet. From which we emerge fully dressed like Jane Jetson and kitchens don’t come equipped with Star Trek-style food replicators a wide range of technological advances has transformed many regular homes into smart homes.
Smart home technology makes sense. Smart hubs control lights and thermostats; security systems offer video doorbells and facial-recognition security cameras. In addition, automated climate control or smart vents give us more control over adjusting air flow in specific rooms.

Another Plus:

Consumer Reports asserts that smart features can increase your resale value by as much as 5 percent, especially among Millennial buyers. With the median home price in Pinehurst currently sitting around $264K, this means you could fetch an extra $13,200 on your home’s sale with the right smart features.
If you’re coming around to the idea of a smart home this helpful guide from McDevitt Town And Country explores how this technology improves your home and which features offer the best return on your investment.

Advantages to Smart Homes

More homeowners are incorporating smart solutions into their homes. Additionally, an estimated 69 percent of households currently have at least one smart feature, and about 12 percent of those have multiple devices. Homeowners aged 65 and older who own smart home products tend to choose tech like locks and alarms and smoke/carbon dioxide detectors, while Millennial homeowners greatly value smart entertainment like TVs and speakers.

Smart Technology Offers Some Definite Advantages

It’s conveniently accessible, allowing you to manage all your home devices from an app on your smartphone or tablet. Besides, Smart systems’ inherent flexibility facilitates their ability to easily accommodate new devices and integrate updates and upgrades. They increase energy efficiency by giving you more precise control over temperatures with programmable thermostats and lights and motorized shades.

Many People Value the Ability to Remotely Control Their Home’s Functions

Smart home owners appreciate that instant peace of mind when they can verify that the stove’s off, the lights are on, the house is cool, or they can see who’s at the front door.
However, when you’ve decided to add smart technologies to your home, it’s critical that you have quality internet reception. Spotty internet will cancel out the benefits of your smart home upgrades. If you currently have unreliable service, it’s time to search your area to see what other options are available. 

Smart Choices

You can invest less than $100 on a hub or thousands on a smart refrigerator. Ultimately, which automation improvements make the most sense, and do more homeowners find most useful?

Smart Hubs

Start by adding a smart hub to manage all your home’s technology. Overall, they’ll enable you to control different devices from multiple manufacturers in one place. These hubs also work with apps on smartphones so you can control everything remotely. 

Smart Voice Control

If you don’t have a hub or want to elevate the connectivity even more add voice recognition or voice-activated products. Amazon Echo and Google Assistant might be the most well-known options. Moreover, here are 19 more options for you to explore.

Smart Lighting

LED light bulbs save up to 75 percent more energy and when you add smart lighting to the mix, it’s a win-win. You’ll find a range of options, including smart bulbs or smart switches, and each has its merits, although switches are more complicated to install.

Smart Thermostats

These devices learn your schedule and temperature preferences. Subsequently, they suggest the most energy-efficient settings to use. You can find a budget thermostat. Alternatively one that’s included in smart suites and takes advantage of rebates offered by many utility companies.

Smart Home Security

Most security systems carry an upfront cost and monthly fees. Some require contracts; others don’t. But if security is important to you, start your research here.

Smart Locks

This tech allows you to open the door with your phone, keep track of your family, and manage other home devices. Additionally, it grants temporary access to your home. The average cost of one of these locks is $150 and are touted as “unpickable” and nearly tamper-proof. Check out these options.
Why not increase your home’s “intelligence” by adding technology that makes it safer, more secure, and convenient and will reduce the cost of your energy and utility bills. Now that’s a pretty smart move!

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