Last Minute Stocking Stuffer? Try the Hay Handler!


Last Minute Stocking Stuffer? Try the Hay Handler!

Could you use a last-minute stocking stuffer

for your favorite horse person? If you are looking for a product that EVERY barn could use, try the Cashel Hay Handler Carrier. If you are not sure what to get your favorite equestrian for Christmas, try this very reasonably priced gift! I have used mine both at my farm and at horse shows.

The Cashel Hay Handler Carrier

is a super handy way to tote your horse’s hay without losing half of it on the ground or getting it stuck to your clothing. No more hay all over the barn aisle!  This sturdy carrier has PVC poles along the top as well as Velcro closures on each end to help keep your hay secure. It is one of those simple products that once you use it, you will wonder how you got along without it. The tough nylon construction gives it long-lasting value – this carrier is such a great price at under $30! This Hay Handler will easily hold three to four large flakes of hay and can be comfortably carried with one hand.

Great for getting feed to your horses!

I actually keep one in my trailer and one in the barn. They are so affordable that having several of them at arms length is the way to go. At horse shows I never lug a huge bale of hay to my stall any more. I simply use the Hay Handler and carry hay as I need it. It really is an essential for your barn, trailer, and even at home. I have also used it to carry wood from my wood pile to my fire pit. It can really be used for anything around the house that is difficult or messy to carry. Try it…you will LOVE it! Here’s to a new year of a neat and tidy barn! 

The Hay Handler

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