The Best Horse Fly Boots, Horse Leggins – Shoofly Leggins!

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The Best Horse Fly Boots, Horse Leggins – Shoofly Leggins!

Shoofly Leggins

Every once in a while a great product comes along and you know that you will never go to another. That is how I feel about shoofly leggins. They say they are the best fly bite protection on the planet for horses and I do agree! I have used them for years after trying many other different brands. My horses love them and pretty much wear them 24-7 during the summer months. Here is a picture of my mini-donkey clover modeling them.

Why are they so good?

The boots (which come in a set of 4) are made of a breathable plastic mesh that has sewn-in stays that eliminate sagging, unlike other fly leggings! This patented product is the only one with these stays sewn in to create stability and is the concept that the patent is based on. I can remember the days of having to adjust fly boots several times a day. The heavy-duty velcro makes them almost impossible for a horse to tear off and it ensures durability and wear-ability. These fasteners ensure the product stays on the horse while in the stall or in the pasture, allowing the legging to be left on continually. The lower edge is also finished with a durable black poly webbing (which is a newer feature) which eliminates embedded wild oats, burrs, and foxtails.
The plastic mesh does not allow biting flies (Deer, horse, and horn) To penetrate. What I also love is that the design also eliminates botfly eggs from being laid, preventing internal bot infestation. Your horse is under less stress from the constant stomping, reducing joint and muscle fatigue and protecting hooves. The mesh allows air to circulate, allowing comfort in hot weather, and is especially comfortable for covering wounds.

Color choices

The leggins also come in three fun color choices. Bright blue, bright pink, and bright orange. Dusty (my 27-year-old retired gelding) Is getting a little flack from his stablemates for wearing the bright pink ones but I think he looks handsome in them!

Not sure what size to choose?

Here is a great size chart that shoofly has designed. Dusty, who is a big 17+ hand thick boned Hannovarian, wears a large, while my current dressage horse, deuce who is a thinner boned 16.1 hand horse wears a medium. Clover, of course, wears the mini size!
Here is also a really good video produced by the manufacturer.
So are you as sold on these as I am? If so, you can buy them right here on my courses and horses Amazon site! I promise you and your horses will love them!

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