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Seven Lakes Real Estate Market Prices, Trends, and Forecast 2023

Seven Lakes

Seven Lakes Real Estate Market Prices, Trends, and Forecast 2023
As the demand for residential properties rises, prospective homebuyers and investors seek lucrative opportunities in thriving real estate markets. One such area that has garnered considerable attention is the enchanting community of Seven Lakes.

Nestled in the picturesque Sandhills region of North Carolina, Seven Lakes offers a tranquil and idyllic lifestyle. It is an appealing destination for those looking to settle down or make profitable investments. The real estate market in Seven Lakes has witnessed steady growth over the years, with the demand for homes in this area remaining high, fueled by the community's attractions, amenities, and proximity to larger cities like Raleigh, Fayetteville, and Pinehurst.

The following is an insight into the current state of the Seven Lakes real estate market and a comprehensive forecast for 2023.

Home values are expected to increase

Currently, the median home price in Seven Lakes is $254,057 and is projected to increase to $257,029 in the course of the year, which strongly speaks to a favorable outlook. Additionally, the long-term outlook indicates a positive trend, with the predicted sales prices estimated to increase by 4.96% over the next five years. These forecasts suggest that the Seven Lakes real estate market is a potentially profitable market for investors and homeowners who wish to preserve wealth.

Interest rates are expected to rise

Interest rates have been on the rise since the turn of the year and for the better part of 2022, leading to a current rate of 5% to 5.25%. Although constant for now, past trends indicate that rates may continue to rise and play a pivotal role in influencing real estate prices nationally. However, given the moderate inflation rates, interest rates are expected to rise slowly and will not be a prime determinant of the Seven Lakes real estate market. Additionally, the housing here caters to the elite who can afford high-interest rates and cash purchases. Demand for housing is therefore expected to remain high, and so are the home prices.

Investing indicators favor landlords

The high demand for real estate in Seven Lakes goes beyond owner-occupied units to rental properties. The rental market is expected to expand alongside the overall market, putting landlords in a good position. This suggests that landlords may be able to capitalize on their investments by increasing rental prices.

A positive net population migration is expected

The population of Seven Lakes increased from 10,439,414 in 2020 to an estimated figure of 10,698,973 in 2022, signifying a growth of approximately 2.5%. The population growth has led to a relatively strong demand for housing, thereby driving up home prices in the area. Given the desirability of the area, population growth is expected to continue, leading to an increase in demand for homes.

Moore County Housing Market Trends 2023

Housing prices in Moore County are expected to rise considerably in 2023. This can be attributed to its stable economy that comprises mostly service, manufacturing, and agriculture industries. Additionally, low unemployment rates will continue to attract prospective homebuyers to the area, driving home prices. As one of the coveted communities in Moore County, Seven Lakes will be a popular destination for homebuyers in the county, and this will likely drive up home prices in the area.

The effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the market

The real estate market in Seven Lakes has shown resilience and positive performance after the Covid-19 pandemic. As the pandemic disrupted economies worldwide, the housing market experienced temporary slowdowns and uncertainties. In the aftermath of the pandemic, the market has displayed a robust recovery, with increasing home values and steady buyer demand. The region's desirability as a residential destination, coupled with its attractive amenities and natural beauty, is expected to sustain buyer interest and drive continued growth in home prices.

Forecast on Seven Lakes foreclosures in 2023

As of March 2023, North Carolina has a record of 3,064 foreclosure filings. The county of Moore's foreclosure rate is lower than the state average, indicating a comparatively healthy housing market. This will sustain demand and drive real estate prices up over the long term.

Should you invest?

Whether to invest in Seven Lakes real estate depends on your unique circumstances, including your preferred lifestyle, financial goals, and risk tolerance. Generally, it is a favorable market, as shown by the following factors.

Market stability

The Seven Lakes housing market has shown steady growth over the years, with property values experiencing consistent appreciation. This stability suggests a favorable environment for potential investors. It remains a good option for buyers seeking an investment with potential long-term returns.


Seven Lakes' proximity to larger cities like Fayetteville, Raleigh, and Pinehurst enhance its investment potential. It provides convenient access to several amenities while maintaining a peaceful, nature-oriented lifestyle, leading to a high quality of life.

Diverse housing options

The availability of various housing options in Seven Lakes, catering to different budgets and preferences, allows for inclusivity. These options are guaranteed to align with the investment goals and lifestyle preferences of most homebuyers.

Rental income potential

Seven Lakes rental properties can be an attractive investment for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios. The high demand for housing is a major driver of rental prices, coupled with low vacancy rates.

Discover the best Seven Lakes homes for sale

Seven Lakes is a thriving community that offers an ideal living environment for residents. The region has attracted a number of buyers over the years, resulting in strong demand for housing. As a result, the housing market has experienced steady growth, with property values increasing steadily in recent years. Considering these factors, prospective investors and home hunters may find Seven Lakes real estate to be a profitable and desirable investment opportunity.

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