Seven Days in Utopia a Great Golf Movie!


Seven Days in Utopia a Great Golf Movie!


It’s supposed to be a rainy day here in North Carolina, so it would be a perfect day to stay inside and tune in to another great golf movie! My sister told me about this one and I have watched it three times in the last week!

Seven Days in Utopia

If you liked the Karate Kid you will love this movie! Seven Days in Utopia is a 2011 American sports drama starring Robert Duval and Lucas Black. Robert Duval plays Johnny Crawford who is the “Mr. Miyagi” of this movie. Based on David Cook‘s best-selling 2009 novel “Golf’s Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of Utopia,” I LOVE the message in this movie (especially today when sports stars are paid ridiculous sums of money and don’t seem to be the best of role models) basically that there is a higher meaning to life than sport scores and financial rewards.

“How can a game have such an effect on a man’s soul?”

This is how the movie starts. We hear Robert Duvall‘s wise old man voice-over at the beginning, just before we see young Texas golfer Luke Chisholm (Lucas Black) experience a total meltdown during a tournament. He’s so distraught after this potential career-crusher that he crashes his car through a fence.

But the fence’s owner, rancher Johnny Crawford (Duvall), doesn’t worry about his fence instead, he invites Luke to be his guest for seven days in the tiny town of Utopia suggesting it just might change his life (and yes there really is a town in Texas called Utopia). In the movie, there were 375 people and that population remains about the same today. Places in the movie, like the Lost Maples Cafe really exist so go have a burger next time you are in Utopia!

Check out this Trailer


As the movie progresses

we find that Luke may have truly found utopia! Enjoying a deluxe cabin courtesy of Johnny (who we find out was a pro golfer who had some hiccups in his career as well), waited on hand-and-foot by the Johnny’s sister and lady of the house (Kathy Baker), Luke couldn’t be blamed for thinking he might have died and gone to heaven.

Like a zen master, former golfer Johnny, who has his own private course, uses unorthodox means to get Luke to relearn the sport from square one, from finding a new grip to discovering how to snatch victory from certain defeat by taking Luke up in a small plane, cutting out the motor and having him figure out how to glide to safety.

Lessons learned,

Luke enters the Texas Open and stuns the golfing world (AGAIN)! In the last part of the movie we are entertained by the real life golfers who make appearances in this movie, K.J Choi, Ricky Fowler and a few other professional golfers.

We also get some great commentary by the Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee and Kelly Tilghman It REALLY feels like you are watching an exciting, nail biting golf tournament! Oh and you will find out what SFT stands for! My nephew now writes that on his golf balls. I may start, too!
So are you sitting on the edge of your seat ready to watch? You can find the movie on Prime Video or you can buy on-line right here.

7 Days in Utopia

Oh what I forgot to tell you is that you WONT know how this movie ends. In order to find that out well I won’t tell you you will be given a little hint at the end of the movie. I will keep you guessing. ENJOY!

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