Riding on Air! Only Use Your Leg When You Need to!

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Riding on Air! Only Use Your Leg When You Need to!
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Training in Ocala

Jaron Verheij comes to Southern Pines once a month to give dressage clinics. I work with him at home as often as possible. But I am so excited to be able to be here in Ocala to train with him every day for two weeks during February. I can already see the progress! Jaron Verheij and Ivo Juhrend of Dutch Dressage love training horses and riders to become better at what they do. It is such a comfortable setting here in Ocala.
Maybe we amateur riders can even reach goals we have never expected to achieve. I know that is true for me! It’s all about communication from the rider to the horse and vice versa. The understanding and refinement of this communication make us excel and bring out the best in us and our horses. Jaron is so positive in all he instills in me and Deuce! He has never been on Deuce. I am the only one riding yet it seems he knows him as if he has been riding him for years!

Less is More

What I have learned this week is LESS is MORE! My horse Deuce and I have been partners now for about 7 years but I am quickly learning that the most subtle of leg aids are what horses need. As an amateur, we all want to “HOLD” our horses or realistically “hold on for dear life” which just shuts down a horse from really listening to us. It took me years to understand and trust that I could let him go. So many trainers ask you to “hug” your horse or “support” them. But Jaron teaches you to only use your leg WHEN you need to it is only in working with him every day that I truly “get it”. I can only recommend Dressage Clinics.
We think we are “asking” our horses but so often we are nagging them time and time again. When I am thinking I am NOT nagging I am. MANY times I don’t even realize how much I am trying to hold Deuce. When I don’t ask magic happens and my horse is truly free to move like he can like a ballet dancer or a freestyle figure skater. Enjoy the ride!

Progress in Ocala – Dressage Clinics

Watch some of our progress.

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