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Practice Your Putting!

I was

thinking about Putting Practice Tips whiles cleaning out my golf bag the other day and at the bottom of my “golf ball pocket” I found these black and white golf balls. I forgot they were in my bag! Last year I had taken a putting lesson and the golf pro highly recommended these balls as a practice tool. They are called the My Roll Balls. We forget that forty percent of ALL golf shots in a round of golf are putts. 40%! Yet so few of us practice our putting for more than a few minutes before we go play. After rediscovering these balls, I decided one my of New Year’s resolutions (it’s not too late to make a New Year’s resolution, right?) is to practice my putting for at least an hour a week and to use these amazing black and white balls when doing so.

In my lesson

the pro showed me two ways to use these balls and a bunch of Putting Practice Tips 1) Make a good stroke and the center line between the black and white halves of the ball will roll straight. Otherwise it will “wobble”. Of course the first few times I tried this in my lesson my ball DID wobble. I don’t think golfers realize how they don’t look at the way the ball rolls! We are so focused on the hole that we don’t even think about that. After just a few times the ball rolled straight and my putts were much more accurate.
The second way to have these balls help your putting stroke is to use the red “Impact Ball Line” to bring your focus to hitting the back of the ball squarely. Where do you look at the ball when you hit it? Do you even know? I didn’t. An open or closed putter face will cause the center line to wobble. This silly little “T” shaped red line makes it so easy to look at one spot on the ball and allows you to concentrate on hitting in right at the ‘T” or as they call it the “Impact Ball Line” (I personally like “T” better). No matter what word you choose to use .if you hit the ball in that location you will be amazed as to how straight your ball rolls.

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Check out this quick video:

At under $20 on Amazon these are probably one of the least expensive golf tools you can find. Maybe you should make practicing putting a New Year’s resolution, too. It’s not too late. See you on the practice green!

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