Miracle on the 17th Green


Miracle on the 17th Green


Looking for a great golf book to give Dad for Father’s Day? This novel could be it! My Dad actually gave it to me as he KNOWS my passion for the sport of golf. Written by James Patterson (who has had more New York Times bestsellers than any other writer, ever, according the Guinness World Records, and Peter De Jonge who specializes in writing about golf for the New York Times Magazine), this fast-moving golf fantasy about an amateur golfer who decides to try out for the PGA Senior Tour has more than enough humor to keep you wanting to finish it in one sitting.

The story is about

Middle-aged and happily married, Travis McKinley who does the unthinkable: he misses Christmas dinner after getting caught up in a divinely inspired streak of great putting during an outing on his country club course in Winnetka, Ill. As Travis’s obsession with his newfound talent takes over his life, his obstetrician wife, Sarah, expresses increasing dismay over his inability to grow up. It becomes a domestic crisis that reaches a boiling point when Travis loses his job and journeys to Tallahassee, Fla., to try to qualify for the Senior Tour. I think this is why my Dad gave me the book in my dreams I would definitely drop everything and work my butt off to play on the Women’s Senior Golf Tour if only there was one!

Competing against overwhelming odds

(You will so enjoy following along on his journey to get there), Travis earns a place on the tour, only to have his dream spoiled when he learns that Sarah intends to file for divorce. As he continues to compete against the likes of Jack Nicklaus and Lee Trevino, the victory that will fulfill Travis’s dream and reunite him with his family is as improbable as it is inevitable. What I love about the authors’ of this little novel is that they succeed in admirably creating a main character who is enough of a child to believe his dreams and is also mature enough to offer some humorous reflections on our national obsession of the engaging sport we call GOLF!
It really is an addictive sport. One that you can play terribly one day and then go back the next day and play like Travis! After reading it I even looked up Travis McKinley to see if he did play on the Senior Tour. The story keeps you on the edge of your seat as you wonder IF he will make it or not! Even if you don’t like golf (does that person exist?), you will enjoy this novel. As this golf book states Miracles happen but only if you believe! I believe you will enjoy Miracle on The 17th Green and you can buy it right here
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