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Miracle At Augusta


For those of you who read my post earlier this year about the James Patterson and Peter De Jong novel, Miracle on the 17th Green a book that my Dad gave me for Christmas last year and is now one of my favorites you won’t be surprised to discover that for my 57th birthday in May of this year, he gave me “Miracle at Augusta“, also written by Patterson and De Jonge.

And what better time to start reading it than today the final Sunday at The Masters! While that is USUALLY in April due to COVID-19, Augusta in November is a special time at a special place!

Written by James Patterson

(Who has more New York Times bestsellers than any other writer? That is according to the Guinness World Records. Peter De Jonge who specializes in writing about golf for the New York Times Magazine). It is this second story (and 4th collaboration of the two authors) about Travis McKinley that takes place a few years after he shocked the world. Of course, by winning the US Senior Open at Pebble Beach.


Travis McKinley basks in the fame of his huge accomplishment. Travis may be living the good life, but cannot shake the feeling that he does not belong among the greats, which is supported by a lackluster second season on the Tour. After getting into a skirmish after one event, McKinley finds himself suspended and heads back home to spend time with his family. Longing for a return to the Tour and dreaming of playing a round at Augusta National, McKinley soon discovers that his talents need not go to waste.

When a neighborhood boy, Jerzy, finds himself being bullied, McKinley takes him under his wing and introduces him to the game of golf, where the fiercest competitor and enemy tends to be one’s self (don’t I know this!). McKinley painstakingly works on perfecting Jerzy’s stance and his already impressive swing.
Inflating Jerzy’s confidence through hard work and determination, McKinley promises him a gift of a lifetime if he’ll face those bullies; the chance to play a round at Augusta National. True to his word, McKinley plans for a trip to Georgia, where all the miracles begin. Patterson and de Jonge inject more humor into this sequel than their first golf novel, peppered with golf references and just the right amount of inspiration. The critics say this is a story of hope, redemption and trying to hit the ball straight!

In comparison to the first book

I also think this sequel is a hole-in-one. It builds on the golf-centric nature of the story and keeps the heartstrings plucking. Think of a Nicholas Sparks novel! McKinley is no longer out to shed a tear or rekindle his love for family, but instead, he looks to show a young man that there is much to be gained from the game of golf.
So as soon as The Master’s is over today, make sure you order MIRACLE AT AUGUSTA.
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In case you are wondering if there are any other great little golf novels by Patterson and De Jonge the answer is yes Miracle at St Andrews! So look for another blog post about it during the British Open next summer. Enjoy all of this great reading!

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