Life On A Golf Course


Life On A Golf Course
Living in a golf course community, you quickly start to see all the advantages that come from selecting these kinds of prestigious and high-end neighborhoods to be your very own. Whether you’re waking up early to be the first one on the links, savoring crisp, comfortable weather all year round, or simply loving life with a community of like-minded homeowners, the benefits that come with golf course living are many.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about golf course living and what you can expect to encounter once you’ve taken the big step to join a golf course community. Let’s dive in!

Benefits of the Golf Club Lifestyle

If you live and breathe golf every day, there’s no better way to improve your standard of life than to live in a golfing community. The amenity-filled environment, welcoming residents, and grand views that you find on many golf courses around the country are highlighted even more once you decide to purchase property in these kinds of communities. Let’s take a closer look at the main benefits of living here.

Property Values Are Climbing

Demand for real estate (especially luxury real estate) in golf course communities is on the rise across the U.S. As more and more people opt to move to parts of the country where there are excellent golfing opportunities and other recreational pursuits, we’re also seeing property values climb among homes and condos in these prestigious areas.

Surrounded by a Calm and Relaxing Landscape

There’s certainly a lot to be said about the advantages that come with living in a laid-back, tranquil environment. Having more privacy, a manicured front lawn, and a pristine background to enjoy your get-togethers with family and friends — these are the benefits we would all like to enjoy. Living in a golf club community, you’ll be able to wake up in paradise every day. Instead of the volume of endless traffic jams and busy crosswalks, you get to take in the quiet views and verdant panoramas that make golf clubs such a delight to call home.

Enjoy a Long List of Added Amenities

Golf course living isn’t only about savoring the sights and living in high style at your own pace. There are also many other advantages that you can take advantage of when it comes to your health. Golf clubs of all sizes come equipped with a full suite of amenities like tennis courts, pickleball courts, swimming pools, spas, restaurants, and fitness centers. You can expect to also have a host of social events throughout the year to keep you busy, or you can stay true to your favorite activity and head over to the golf course anytime you wish.

Downsides to Living on a Golf Course

Now that we’ve gone over a few of the clear advantages that come with golf course living, let’s take a look at some of the less positive sides to choosing this lifestyle.

Golf Ball Issues

It’s only a matter of time: people living on a golf course will all, given enough time, have to deal with errant golf balls coming into contact with their property. Airborne golf balls (or even the stray club here or there) are simply part of the golf course experience. Traditional homeowners insurance will cover the majority of any home damages, and comprehensive coverage of your automobile will handle any damage done to your vehicle. Be sure to meet with an insurer if you have any other questions about liability.

Community Restrictions

Golfing communities rely on maintaining a sense of prestige, order, and continuity on the course and the surrounding area if they are to continue drawing visitors, players, and new residents to their upscale, pristine facilities. That means there are frequently quite strict community guidelines that homeowners need to respect. Maintenance, landscaping, groundskeeping, and many other crews tend the course in the early mornings, so you should expect a slight interruption at this time of day. You may also be restricted in the type and number of renovations you can make to your golf resort home.

Summing up Life in a Golf-Focused Community

To close out our discussion of golf course living, I thought it would be helpful to provide a brief play-by-play look at a few last-minute pros and cons of living this lifestyle. Here are a few more points to keep in mind before moving forward:

  • Research your golf course of choice to see exactly what kind of events they host. If a course comes with a clubhouse, that’s a good sign that the local community will remain busy and centered around the course year-round. You may want to be part of a community that hosts numerous festivities to create a close-knit atmosphere.
  • Learn more about how close the nearby grocery stores, banks, libraries, museums, and other entertainment spots are to your course. Some golf courses are located well apart from these essential shops and civic areas, so it’s essential to do your due diligence and find a community that closely aligns with your lifestyle and interests.
  • Your golf course may use pesticides and fertilizers on its landscaping, so ensure that you and your pets aren’t allergic to runoff. Meet with your golf course management for more information.
  • Privacy is a big bonus that comes with many golf course communities, thanks to the way that these homes are traditionally oriented on the course, away from the windows of neighbors and towards more open views. 

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With that, we’ve come to the end of our guide to golf course living in 2023. If you have any questions or comments to share, or if you’d like to learn more about buying or selling luxury real estate in these fantastic communities, reach out today! Contact trusted broker Jamie McDevitt of McDevitt Town and Country Properties for more information and to get started.

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