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Do Your Horses Drink Enough Water?

With record heat indexes and very high summer temperatures (we have gotten close to 100 here in NC this past week). I watch my horses very carefully to make sure they are drinking enough water. But how do I know what is enough? Could they be drinking more? Several weeks ago a friend of mine told me that she went into our local feed store and asked about electrolytes for her horses.
The salesperson told her about “Horse Quencher”. Her first reaction was “I don’t need that. A regular electrolyte will be fine. Both my horses drink plenty of water and “sweat”. Horse Quencher is an all-natural product that encourages horses to drink water. The company states that you don’t know that you need it until you try it. My friend walked out of the store without buying it. The very next day, one of her horses (the one in the video that I have in the blog). stopped drinking and was barely sweating! So back to the store to pick some up!

Horse Quencher

Water is the one thing horses (and humans) cannot live without. It is the first thing horses give up when they need it most. When trailering and acclimating to new environments, horses often refuse or stop drinking, inviting impaction colic. Sick horses don’t feel like drinking, but staying fully hydrated is the best start to recovery. When they exercise, horses lose salt and water evenly, so their thirst reflex is not triggered. So what IS Horse Quencher? Horse Quencher is a mix of all natural grains and flavorings that, when added to water, make horses eagerly drink.

You’ll Find Horse Quencher

Especially helpful for travel, competitions, cold weather and illnesses. In addition, also great to pair with electrolytes to aid in recovery after exercise. It’s made of all-natural ingredients found in most horse feeds. Those ingredients are barley, salt, crimped oats, molasses, corn, beet pulp, and vegetable oil. Adding some preservative and flavoring (Peppermint, Apple, Butterscotch and even Root Beer!!) voila.

How Did Horse Quencher Come to Be?

In 2004, 6 horse friends started talking – as horsewomen will do out on a trail ride! – about how they wished that their horses wouldn’t go off their water so easily. Anne volunteered that she had been playing with various things to put in her pregnant mare’s water to try to get her to drink, and eventually she came up with a winning formula that found success among a local group of horse friends.

One Day, Over Lunch

With their husbands, the ladies discussed what it would take to evolve the formulation to be a commercially viable product and to figure out what exactly to put together that could be manufactured with a very high degree of consistent quality built-in.

The Goal

Was to create a mix that would get the horse’s attention, flavor the water with a sweet and salty taste, and then have some heavier grains waiting at the bottom to encourage the horse to finish the water. The experimental mixtures were tried on every horse they could find. Then, back to the kitchen table, to put the final touches on what is today known as Horse Quencher, a slightly evolved version of Anne’s original formula. All in all, some two years of formula-tweaking (and many thousands of dollars) later, they introduced Horse Quencher to market, in 2006, with a 99% average acceptance rate.

Since then, Horse Quencher

Has become, in the words of our friend and fan Chester Weber, “the product I didn’t know I needed until I tried it”. Horse Quencher is an American Manufacturing success, sold in tack stores all over America, in catalogs, and even in the UK and Canada. Olympic eventers, hunter jumpers, endurance riders, barrel racers, mounted shooters, drivers, and polo players, all rely on us to keep their horses perfectly hydrated. After all, water rules bodies, and without it, bodies just don’t do well. Horses don’t have the same thirst reflex we do, and enticing them to drink is something we need to actively do. So my horses are drinking Horse Quencher now as well. They LOVE it. I can buy it in the 3.5-pound bags here at my local feed store, MOORE EQUINE → or of course, you can get it on my Amazon site in the ten-pound bucket check that out.
Get "Horse Quencher" Here. NOW!
And remember my friend whose horse was NOT drinking? Look at him here LOVING his HORSE QUENCHER your horses will love it too!

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