Hallowed Ground – by Jaime Diaz


Hallowed Ground – by Jaime Diaz

We do think of the one coffee table book

That should grace the living rooms of those passionate about golf. Hallowed Ground by Jaime Diaz, Linda Hartough and Jack Nicklaus is THE one. It is the perfect Christmas gift for every golfer. As a real estate agent, I have the privilege of meeting so many unique and talented people. Undoubtedly they love to move to the Pinehurst and Southern Pines area. One of those individuals was Jaime Diaz. I sold he and his wife a horse farm (she rides he golfs the PERFECT marriage!). Jaime is one of the most-respected voices in the game of golf. Obviously this derives from his more than 30 years of experience covering the golf industry. Along with his most recently attained editor-in-chief of Golf World and senior writer at Golf Digest. Furthermore, Diaz contributes to Golf Channel on several fronts. I LOVE watching him on TV! I remember when I was showing him property he would frequently have to take a call from “Tiger” or “Phil”.

Today, he offers his editorial coverage

In addition to making regular appearances on “Morning Drive” and “Golf Central”. A 10-time Golf Writers Association of America Award winner, Diaz’ long list of career accolades includes being honored as the recipient of the PGA Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism in 2012 and being recognized by Jack Nicklaus as the recipient of the Memorial Golf Journalism Award in 2014. The San Francisco native and former golf writer for the New York Times and Sports Illustrated also has authored or co-authored several books.
Hallowed Ground is one of them. It is truly a beautiful work of art and it has been on my coffee table for years. It captures spectacular locations from the greatest courses in both America and the United Kingdom. What is so unique about this book is the artwork of Linda Hartough. What an amazing collaboration of Jaime’s writing and Linda’s art! My favorite paintings of Linda’s are the fabled 7th hole at Pebble Beach (which I have yet to play) and many holes from Augusta National’s Amen Corner.

I have been to the Master’s two times and can’t wait to go back!

Pieces on each course by Jaime Diaz highlight battles that have taken place on the fairways, and give life to the paintings as showdowns on 18th greens are described. What makes this book interesting is that when you see the life-like paintings and read about the classic golf that has gone on in that scene, you are able to put yourself in the picture. It is amazing to be able to watch the final round of the 1981 US Open just by reading this book.
To a true fan of golf, or anyone who loves a good coffee table book, Hallowed Grounds is a perfect edition to your collection. Enjoy it this Christmas and every Christmas!
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