A Great Golf Tip from Donna Andrews – LPGA Champion

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A Great Golf Tip from Donna Andrews – LPGA Champion

Looking for a great golf tip?

Donna Andrews is the Lead Instructor at Pine Needles Resort → in Southern Pines, NC. Undoubtedly, Donna’s simple teaching techniques and this great golf tip can help you learn to play like a pro. Moreover, she is my friend AND my golf instructor! Having competed on the LPGA golf tour for over 15 years, once achieving the #1 World LPGA ranking, Furthermore, Donna understands the importance of good golf course management and developing a consistent pre-shot routine.

These qualities

Are what allowed her to achieve great success while on the LPGA golf tour. In addition, she now shares those experiences with all her students. If you are ever in Pinehurst or Southern Pines playing, I highly recommend staying off the course for a half day and taking a lesson with her. I love all of her very simple, easy to remember techniques. In the meantime, here is a great golf tip from her that I am sure you can use as you most likely will be getting some great new golf clubs for Christmas! This basic tip has really helped my game and my swing (and yes, I even use the purple ball that she uses in the video)

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