Fior Da Liso…One of My Favorite Equestrian Blouses


Fior Da Liso…One of My Favorite Equestrian Blouses
Fior Da Liso is truly one of my favorite equestrian blouses that I have ever worn. I have 4 in my collection. This is me in my first Fior Da Liso blouse. The blouses are popular in the Equestrian World but can be worn anywhere and anytime and look great with a pair of jeans or dressed up when you are out on the town. Every time I wear one of mine I get asked where I got it.

You can get them right here and right now. → CoursesAndHorses ← Just make sure you use the code coursesandhorses.

Where Did Fior Da Liso Come From?

The hour of birth of the brand was in 2010, when creator Lotte Schockemöhle presented a small selection of her equestrian blouses at the international riding competition CHIO in Aachen, Germany. It didn’t take long until the collection was completely sold out. Encouraged by this great success, Lotte returned home to turn her idea into a brand for ladies’ blouses that offers something special. Exclusive and elegant, fashionable and sportive – a stylistic combination makes the Fior da Liso blouse a perfect fit for every occasion.

Perfectly Dressed Every Time

No matter if you’re going to a business meeting or wearing it in your spare time – you will always be perfectly dressed in these blouses. Due to the longer cuts, the tight placket, and the tucks on the back you will always look GREAT! I love that you can where them tucked in or out. The high-quality manufacturing and the good incisions of the fine materials create a garment with excellent fit and a nice comfort that leaves nothing to be desired. They have a slight “stretchy” feeling to them.
Here is a fun video from one of Fior Da Lido’s photo shoots a few years ago.

Beautiful Everytime

In addition, anyone who knows me knows that I am not the most “domestic” of individuals and that I like things simple and easy. I don’t have time to cook and clean and certainly don’t have time to iron my blouses! Guess what, these gorgeous blouses are machine wash cold, hung to dry. No ironing is necessary! I did not believe it at first, but it’s true. They come out of the wash looking beautiful every time!
Here I am in another one of my favorites.
So if you are looking for a blouse that is exclusive and elegant, fashionable and sportive – a perfect fit for every occasion, try one of these equestrian blouses. While they are not the least expensive ($160 if not on sale but you can get them on sale for $110) you will have them for years. I even wear mine riding at times when I am at shows and want to look great in the saddle. The fit and the comfort are hard to beat. The blouses move with you. I love my collection and am sure I will add to it! You can too, remember to just add CoursesAndHorses at checkout!

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