One of My Favorite Vests for Riding and Golf I Call It the Jest!

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One of My Favorite Vests for Riding and Golf I Call It the Jest!

My Half Sleeve Vest

I have been so busy selling real estate these past many weeks so I have not had much time to write but as the weather is now turning cooler here in North Carolina and I find myself reaching for sweaters, vests for riding and golf and jackets I just had to find time to share one of my FAVORITES! While most of us turn to either a full-sleeve jacket or sweater OR a sleeveless vest why, not a HALF SLEEVE VEST →

When You Think About It

for riding or golfing or really doing anything outside in the cooler months, the half sleeve vest is MUCH more versatile. It keeps us a little warmer than a sleeveless vest but is much less bulky than a full sleeve jacket. I am not sure why we don’t see more brands that offer this style. I LOVE it…especially on these “in-between days” where it can start out cold yet warm up pretty quickly. It is much easier as well for me to maneuver my horse or swing a golf club in this style. Where can you get one? Right HERE→ at Courses and Horses!

If you want to know more about vests for riding and golf – please contact me →


The one I have is made by Martha Stewart

and comes in some very pretty colors. I have the Tide Water Blue but I am also tempted to get the Pale Mauve! Martha calls in “the new sweater”. I call it FANTASTIC! Features of the jacket include fleece lined pockets for warmth with invisible zippers to keep a sleek look, quilted horizontal stitching to hold the down fill in place and genuine down fill for warmth! Probably one of my favorites things about the JEST (my new name for it a cross between a Jacket and a Vest) is that it is machine washable.

But the BEST Thing About the JEST → is

That it is so affordable so you CAN get several colors (NAVY, BLACK, TIDE WATER BLUE or PALE MAUVE). The cost is only $59.99! It’s also ultra-lightweight , soft and easy to pack away! Perfect to tuck in your tack trunk or golf bag. So if you are like me you will end up with several colors (going to add the Pale Mauve to my collection) and you will love the JEST as much as I do. I am headed out for a ride on my wonderful horse, Deuce now going to grab my JEST first! Stay warm out there and enjoy all of your rides and rounds of golf this fall!
Buy The Jest Here!

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