Don’t Touch Me Bug Spray

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Don’t Touch Me Bug Spray

The Best Bug Spray – An AMAZING Repellant!

As I was spraying some of this Amazing bug spray on me the other day, I realized that I have written all about bug spray for horses and fly boots for horses but I have not written anything about BUG spray for HUMANS! Well now I have and it is the best stuff you will find on the market!
A month or so ago I was taking a golf lesson from my wonderful instructor, Donna Andrews, and a pesky mosquito was flying around. She quickly went into her golf bag and let me try some DON’T TOUCH ME spray! I thought. yeah, yeah, yeah another yucky smelling, sticky, greasy bug spray. I was wrong!
This repellant actually smelled GREAT! Made by Annie Oakley Perfumery out of Ligonier, Indiana, much like Annie Oakley herself, Renee Gabot, together with her daughters since 1980 have created and hand-blended fragrances and essential oils right in their kitchen! They are actually the only perfume company that is not only manufactured but also packaged in the US! Even more, reason to buy this fabulous product! Whether you are golfing or just riding the trails this spray will keep away, flies, chiggers, mosquitos you name it! You can buy DBM in local tack shops like our Moore Equine or directly from ANNIE OAKLEY
It even comes in 3 packs.


What is Don’t Touch Me Made of? 

You will LOVE the smell. It’s made with a blend of the highest quality pure essential oils with hints of lemon, cocoa, and vanilla. It’s all natural, which I LOVE. No more smelling like BUG SPRAY! It’s non greasy (finally) and it is kid and pet safe! You can also buy it with this cute bag and hang it off your golf bag or saddle.
No matter WHERE you get it you need to try DON’T TOUCH ME BUG SPRAY. I promise you won’t be BUGGED anymore! 
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