Best Putting Simulator


Best Putting Simulator
Looking for a special gift for that favorite golfer of yours? Or do you just want to buy a great present for yourself that will make you a better putter?

Try ExPutt! 

When I was at the World Amateur Golf Tournament in Myrtle Beach earlier this year, one of the Vendors at the “World’s Largest 19th Hole” was Ex-Putt. I, of course, had to buy it!

What is ExPutt? 

Exputt is a unique putting simulator that uses a high-speed camera and innovative tracking software to track your swing mechanics and ball movement. Just roll out the putting mat and plug in the high-speed camera, and you’ll be on your favorite course green in no time. From beginners to pros, and every level in between, the Exputt RG is the best way to make long-term improvements to your short game. You’ll never have to stop working on your short game, as the Exputt RG is compact and easy to carry, meaning you can use it anywhere with a TV. I am looking forward to using it a LOT this winter as I have a knee injury and I am going to be off the course for a while but I will be still able to practice my putting!

More about ExPutt

EXPUTT, a dynamic cost-effective putting simulator that comes with both practice and play modes, was invented, designed, and manufactured by Dr. Jin H. Yang and his team of engineers.
Dr. Yang and his team are passionate golfers – and like most golfers, they struggled with putting. Due to a major void of quality putting simulators, they invented Exputt for themselves in 2018. The unit packed a punch in reading metrics for putter path trajectory and impact angles and incorporated other elements such as breaks, slopes, green speeds, speed of the ball after impact, and distance with accuracy. I love that you can play courses from all over from the green in! You can also set it up to play against other golfers! So it can even be a fun party game!
After finding the amazing accuracy of Exputt had dramatically affected their golf game, Dr. Yang and his team decided to go commercial and start selling Exputt to the public. They stepped away from the semiconductor business and focused solely on golf technology and are now in the process of creating new products, such as a dynamic, full-swing simulator. Let’s hope this happens! I love ExPutt and would love to have an affordable full-swing simulator as they are so expensive. You can get ExPutt at Dicks for just a little over $400!
Exputt is not only a great product for practice and play – it has been a cure for many who are experiencing cabin fever from COVID-19 quarantining. Even though I am not excited about being injured and unable to hit the links over the next 6-8 weeks, I am excited to practice using ExPutt this winter! Make sure you get one for your family and friends!
Below is a great video review, check it out!

Enjoy putting this Christmas and always!

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