9 Best Places To Ride In Southern Pines

Southern Pines

9 Best Places To Ride In Southern Pines
Southern Pines, North Carolina, is a small rural suburb with a big reputation for equestrian events and top-tier places to ride. There are plenty of excellent stables, places to trail ride, and horse show venues for those who enjoy any type of equestrian adventure. With thousands of acres of natural pine forests in the area, there are countless acres of equestrian trails that offer a quiet respite and a deep dive into nature.

Seasoned riders love this area, but beginners can also find ample opportunities for riding lessons and training. You can even attend your first event or competition in this idyllic area, which is rich in equestrian traditions. For those looking for the best places to ride in Southern Pines and the surrounding area, here are some of the very best.

1.    Walthour-Moss Foundation

226 Equestrian Rd, Southern Pines, NC 28387

The Walthour-Moss Foundation (WMF) is a massive land preserve dedicated to retaining the magnificent pine forests through which inhabitants of the American South have been riding for generations. This sprawling natural wonder spans an area of over 4,000 acres. While today Walthour-Moss is widely treasured as a nature preserve, it was initially and continues to be a highly esteemed equestrian riding estate. The trails can provide a lifetime of serene enjoyment for equestrian enthusiasts. In addition, Walthour-Moss hosts various equestrian organizations and events, such as horse shows and competitions, that use the foundation’s land to carry on time-honored horseback riding traditions.

2.    Moore County Hounds

946 Sheldon Rd, Southern Pines, NC 28387

While Southern Pines is replete with areas to take a leisurely ride, Moore County Hounds offers riders the opportunity to participate in fun and educational equestrian events. Moore County Hounds is the oldest fox hunting club in the state, maintaining over a century of equestrian traditions. Participate in a traditional fox hunt or one of many other great events at Moore County Hounds. They carry on long-standing traditions with the annual “Blessing of the Hounds” Thanksgiving holiday event, a ceremony and fox hunting festivity that takes place on Walthour-Moss Foundation land. Moore County Hounds is perfect for those who cherish equestrian-style fox-hunting traditions.

3.    Carolina Horse Park

2814 Montrose Rd, Raeford, NC 28376

The Carolina Horse Park Foundation (CHP) is a 315 acre, nationally recognized, premier equine competition venue located in Hoke County, NC. Founded in 1998 as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, the park is dedicated to the preservation of open space for equestrian and recreational purposes with multi-disciplined capabilities suitable for championship level equine competitions. In addition, it hosts other agricultural events and fun outdoor activities open to non-equestrians.

4.    Grande Pines Equestrian Community

100 Grande Pines Vista, Jackson Springs, NC 27281

Situated a mere 20-minute drive to the west of Southern Pines, the Grande Pines Equestrian Community finds its home in the renowned Sandhills region of North Carolina. Skillfully designed, this community stands as a testament to thoughtful planning, featuring not only remarkable golf courses but also an expansive network of riding trails. Enveloping enthusiasts in an equestrian utopia, the community spans 830 acres of undulating paths that traverse the gentle slopes and vast expanses. Spanning roughly 15 feet in width, these trails provide an idyllic setting for equestrian pursuits, ensuring panoramic vistas that unfold in every direction.

5.    McLendon Hills

275 McLendon Hills Dive, West End, NC 27376

Nestled within the region, McLendon Hills stands out as a pioneering haven that seamlessly blends the allure of lakeside living with the equine world, creating an unparalleled community. Its tapestry of offerings and amenities remains unmatched in the entire vicinity. At present, the enclave boasts around 230 meticulously planned homesites. This appeal extends particularly to those who cherish boundless space, as the expansive lots generously accommodate personal sanctuaries like private gardens, detached workshops, and even petite stables on the mini-farms.

6.    The Pinehurst Harness Track

200 Beulah Hill Road, Pinehurst, NC 27374

The Pinehurst Race Track stands as an iconic historical equestrian venue and a national treasure. Strategically positioned between the renowned golf courses #1 and #5, it offers a unique juxtaposition of horse racing and golfing. This locale provides a rare spectacle where the fairway affords views of training horses and captivating horse shows. Within this complex lie numerous stables, catering to Trotter and Pacer Standardbred training during winter and staging horse shows throughout the summer months. The layout encompasses multiple paddocks, encircling two oval-shaped race tracks. These tracks, believed to have been conceived in 1915 under the Pinehurst Race Track established by Leonard Tufts, have retained their allure.

7.    Weymouth Woods

1024 Fort Bragg Road, Southern Pines, NC 28387

At Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve, visitors are granted an immersive encounter with the sprawling longleaf pine forests that once blanketed vast expanses across the southeastern United States. Among these towering pines, some of which have witnessed centuries pass, an intricate network of trails meanders through swaths of wiregrass. Within this haven, an array of rare and captivating species finds refuge, including the red-cockaded woodpecker, the fox squirrel, the Sandhills pyxie-moss, the pine snake, and the insectivorous purple pitcher plant.

8.    The Carolina coast

As a bonus addition to this list, there are a couple of spots about four hours from Southern Pines that are well worth mentioning for those who can make the trip. Seabrook Island, SC, is a beautiful spot on the Carolina coast. The Seabrook Island Club features an equestrian center offering around three miles of trails, as well as beach rides for experienced riders. With over 40 stalls, Seabrook Island Club is also a great place for boarding.

Like Seabrook, Kiawah Island, SC, is another fantastic coastal destination when you have a chance to make the trek. Plus, the Mullet Hall Equestrian Center is nearby, featuring open grassy fields, show rings, a Grand Prix ring, jumps, and much more. Both Seabrook and Kiawah also have golf courses as well. You can visit either one or both for the perfect day trip.

Riding Close to Home

If you love horseback riding, you’ll absolutely fall in love with Southern Pines and the surrounding area. After riding at these top places to ride in the area, you’ll also find plenty of opportunities for golfing, hiking, fishing, and other beloved outdoor activities.

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