Ibkul…Yes, I Be Cool! | Apparel for Golf & Riding


Ibkul…Yes, I Be Cool! | Apparel for Golf & Riding

IBKUL is one of my favorite apparel for golf and riding.

If you see me out and about whether I am riding or golfing or maybe even enjoying an evening out with friends, there is a good chance you will see me in something made by IBKUL.
“IBKUL” featured its opening collection in 2015.
Their Women’s sun-protective clothing was found in just a few specialty shops, country clubs, and golf shops throughout the state of Florida. I have been wearing the brand since then when I discovered them at a horse show apparel booth when I was watching a show in Wellington, Florida. Little did I know then how big they would become or how great a product they have! One of the main reasons that these shirts (for men and women), skirts, dresses, and other specialty items are so popular is that they have a patented “IceFil” high-tech fabric. It cools the body up to five degrees, maintains a UPF 50 rating, it’s moisture-wicking, and is also anti-microbial. How can all that be found in one piece of clothing? It works so well!
What I love (other than it keeps me cool and dry) is that this innovative fabric offers fun, unique, bright prints and colors. Every time I walk into a pro shop or tack store and see this line of activewear, their colors and prints make me SMILE!  Here are just a few of the ones I have in my collection.

Here is my favorite (so far) IBKUL dress. I wear it out more on the town than I do to play golf.

And yes, here I am in the Pine Needles Golf Shop which has just gotten in their new line of IBKUL.

So, where can you find IBKUL?

Right here at Courses And Horses! Our Golf4Her affiliate is now offering them at 25% off!!  Just use this link here. The Golf4Her logo is also on the site so you can just click on that anytime, too.

Save BIG on IBKUHL here

Women and men golfers, tennis players, yoga enthusiasts, equestrians, and women going to the supermarket all love to wear “IBKUL”.

Just to sum it up for you, IBKUL is the ultimate in men’s and women’s sun protection apparel. IBKUL features UPF 50, the exclusive IceFil cooling element, underarm mesh treatment along with wicking and anti-microbial features in exclusive prints and patterns. Stay cool and comfortable on the hottest humid days so you can perform your best in IBKÜL™.

As usual, if you have any questions, contact us.

It is time to be cool and stay cool with IBKUL!

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