Asmar Equestrian – Amazing Equestrian Apparel


Asmar Equestrian – Amazing Equestrian Apparel

Just sixteen days until Christmas so I thought the next few blog posts would be all about great gifts to give that special rider or golfer (or maybe yourself for Christmas!)

This post is all about one of the best riding jackets I have ever purchased. Elegant, thoughtful, and purpose-driven, Asmar Equestrian Apparel brings a modern approach to equestrian fashion. The brand has redefined riding apparel, extending the equestrian lifestyle to all areas of a rider’s life. Affordable luxury and effortless comfort, Noel Asmar Equestrian Apparel pieces are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail. Behind the Noel Asmar Equestrian brand is founder Noel Asmar, a self-taught designer with an innate sense of fashion, an eye for timeless style and a lifelong love of horses.

Noel Asmar has won numerous accolades within the fashion and equestrian industries, has been honored for her innovations, and has earned the respect and affection of riders around the globe. Six years ago at a horse show, I purchased a jacket called the “All-Weather Rider”. The popular award-winning coat transforms to help keep you and most saddles dry in a variety of weather conditions. Front and back skirts unveil behind a hidden zipper gusset to fit over your saddle. When the skirts are not in use, they snap elegantly into place.

While the All Weather Rider does function well in the saddle, I also find myself wearing it out on the town–out to the feed store, shopping at the mall, dining out, and even to the office–with the skirts zipped back into place, of course. Rain or shine, the AWR looks simply smashing when worn out and about. Even in a steady rain, I stay perfectly dry while raindrops bead up and roll off of the soft shell material of the jacket. I use it as my “go-to” raincoat! While using the hood, I find that it works well and stays up for the most part.

What surprised me was the number of my “non-horsey” friends and acquaintances who commented on the All Weather Rider when they saw me wearing it – usually, they were of the theme that the jacket looked very stylish, the color was very attractive (mine is navy but it comes in a variety of colors) and it looked like it would keep me nice and dry. Of those points, I could only agree with
all of them!

The All Weather Rider is truly a lifestyle piece; instead of having a separate barn coat and casual coat, I can easily wear it to ride in, and then other activities afterward. I like that it was designed to be functional for equestrians but then converted into a fashionable staple piece for everyday life. It is, however an investment piece – the retail price for the All Weather Rider lightweight version is $320 (although they do offer seasonal specials!) While it is certainly an investment, I still feel inclined to add another to my collection of gear for a few reasons.

I like that I only am buying one high-quality, signature-type piece instead of multiple jackets so that I will certainly be wearing it for years to come (I have already had this one for six years). I have even taken it to Europe with me as my “travel coat”! But more than that, I like that it was specifically designed with a front and back skirt that allows it to conveniently drape over my saddle – it is unique, and I’ve never seen another jacket quite like it.

Even though it comes with a bit of a steep price tag, the All Weather Rider is a true blend of fashion and function for the equestrian who wants to look great at the barn and everywhere else their travels take them.

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