5 Best Horse Communities in Moore County

5 Best Horse Communities in Moore County

Hey there! Are you dreaming of swapping city hustle for country charm, where the backdrop of lush Sandhills and the clip-clop of hooves set the pace? Welcome to Moore County, NC — your next home sweet home. This delightful slice of North Carolina has sprawling green spaces and a community pulsing with life, bound by a warm, neighborly spirit.

Imagine living where the past is remembered and celebrated with joyous events like the Carthage Buggy Festival, where history rolls through the streets every year, delighting locals. Then, there's the artistic allure of the "Pottery Highway" near Pine Ridge Farms, brimming with galleries and studios that offer a peek into the area's rich craft traditions. Moore County melds the serene beauty of country living with the charm of its small towns, each boasting a strong sense of place and community.

Here, life is synonymous with golf, the iconic Sandhills, and a thriving, active equestrian community. Whether in the saddle or on foot, the scenic beauty and the vibrant local culture make Moore County a top choice for those looking to enrich their lifestyle. Let's dive into why this area might just be the perfect spot for your next adventure — both on horseback and off!

Pine Ridge Farms

Near Southern Pines

Pine Ridge Farms is a premier equestrian community offering luxurious living and exceptional equestrian facilities. This scenic community provides homesites ranging from 5 to 20 acres, surrounded by picturesque landscapes. Located near major highways, Pine Ridge Farms offers easy access to the amenities of Southern Pines and Pinehurst. Residents benefit from proximity to dining options, shopping centers, and healthcare facilities, combining rural tranquility with urban convenience. For those seeking a blend of luxurious living and equestrian excellence, Pine Ridge Farms is the perfect destination.

McLendon Hills

On Highway 211, just 10 miles from Pinehurst and 2 miles west of Seven Lakes

Step into the heart of North Carolina's equestrian elegance at McLendon Hills, a community that spans 600 acres of breathtaking vistas, lush pasturelands, and the picturesque shores of 80-acre Lake Troy Douglas. Here, horse lovers and outdoor enthusiasts find their perfect haven, blending the serenity of nature with top-tier equestrian facilities.

At the heart of this equestrian paradise is a state-of-the-art facility with a superb 24-stall central barn. Whether hot or chilly outside, the climate-controlled rider's lounge offers a cozy spot to plan your day's ride or unwind. And speaking of rides, the outdoor rings here are something else! There's a dressage area for refining your horse's movements, a lighted arena for nighttime rides, and a hilltop ring with show-quality jumps that will test your skills and thrill your spirit.

Life by Lake Troy Douglas also means access to a boat ramp and a large dock — perfect for swapping your riding boots for boat shoes. Plus, the miles of bridle paths and scenic walking trails ensure that every day is an opportunity for a new adventure. So, whether trotting, walking, or soaking in the tranquility, McLendon Hills offers that perfect blend of equestrian life and lakeside leisure. Trust me, it's as dreamy as it sounds!

Grande Pines Equestrian Community

15 minutes to the west of Pinehurst

Imagine a place where the trails stretch as far as your dreams and the sense of privacy is as expansive as the open sky. Welcome to Grande Pines, a stunning gated community just a short trot from the quaint town of Pinehurst. It is where the equestrian lifestyle meets luxury living across 830 acres of gorgeous rolling terrain.

At Grande Pines, your adventurous spirit can roam free on 15-foot-wide trails that meander through lush woodlands and babbling creeks. These trails are perfect for leisurely rides or invigorating gallops. Each trail offers a unique journey, inviting you to explore the natural beauty of your surroundings in complete serenity.

And let's talk about community spirit! The heart of Grande Pines beats strong at the Sportsman's Community Cabin, where residents gather to share stories over BBQs, challenge each other to games, or relax around the fire pit. It's where neighbors become friends, and every visit feels like a picnic in paradise.

With homesites ranging from cozy 2.5 acres to sprawling twenty acres, you'll find just the right amount of space to build your dream home — complete with private gardens, ample room for your horses, and views that just don't quit. At Grande Pines, living the equestrian dream is about more than just horseback riding; it's about being part of a community that shares your passion for the great outdoors.

The Fields Equestrian Community

Cameron, NC

Ready for a sneak peek into one of the most thoughtfully designed equestrian communities around? Buckle up because The Fields in Cameron is everything you've been dreaming of and more. This community is about living in harmony with nature and indulging in your passion for horses.

The Fields boasts 37 residential lots, each offering communal access to a sprawling network of amenities that make every day feel like a new adventure. Picture this: over 10 miles of private trails tailored for tranquil rides or exhilarating gallops through a landscape that's as wild as it is beautiful. And for those who love a good challenge, imagine having 12 acres dedicated to a cross-country course, complete with platforms, jumps, banks, and obstacles designed to test your skills and thrill your spirit.

But that's just the beginning. The Fields features a full-size dressage arena for those looking to perfect their movements, a large sand jump arena for aspiring jumpers, a professional regulation-sized driving arena, and driving trails for harness enthusiasts. And let's not forget the 1km metered track and array of driving obstacles that add a layer of challenge and fun to your driving practice.

The farm setting is crafted to blend with the natural landscape, focusing on sustaining the local wildlife and creating an environment where humans and animals can thrive. At The Fields, life is about being part of a community with a deep love for equestrian sports and an even deeper respect for nature. Ready to saddle up and join us?

Southern Pines

Southern Pines, NC

Now, let's talk about Southern Pines, a place where the love for horses and community come together in a big, welcoming embrace. This vibrant hub has the softest sandy footing you could dream of, making every ride as smooth as it is enjoyable.

Nestled here in the majestic 4,500-acre Walthour-Moss Foundation, a glorious slice of the longleaf pine forests and savannas that once graced our country's southeastern coast. It is where history meets natural beauty, offering trails and spaces that inspire awe and peace. Those looking for a private equestrian farm need to be sure to look in this area, as horse country surrounds the Walthour-Moss Foundation. This idyllic location boasts farms of 5 or more acres.

And if you're looking for competition and camaraderie, the 250-acre Carolina Horse Park in Raeford is just 30 minutes away. This park is a dynamic venue that attracts international-caliber competitors in hunter jumper, dressage, and combined driving. With 92 permanent stalls, six championship-level cross-country courses, multiple show rings offering a great place to compete. It's a place where champions are made, and equestrian dreams come true.

The Moore County Hounds, the oldest fox hunt in North Carolina, celebrates the tradition with the blessing of the hounds every Thanksgiving morning, right in the heart of Southern Pines. After a day in the saddle, why not trot over to the active downtown area? With its quaint shops, antique stores, bustling restaurants, and welcoming parks, Southern Pines offers just the right mix of equestrian life and small-town charm.

Discover your dream equestrian life in Moore County

There you have it! Moore County is a true equestrian paradise, from the sandy trails of Southern Pines to the championship courses at The Fields. When you're ready to make this dream a reality, look no further than McDevitt Town & Country Properties. Led by a current competitive equestrian whose natural energy and enthusiasm light up every room, our team isn't just passionate about property — we're devoted to understanding and achieving your goals. We take the time to get to know you, ensuring that your new home in Moore County is a perfect match for your equestrian lifestyle. Let's saddle up and start this adventure together!

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