20 Best Donkey Gifts


20 Best Donkey Gifts

Miniature Donkeys & The 20 Best Donkey Gifts

Finally, I have moved into my new farm. Consequently, I have all of my four-legged back together (they were boarded in separate barns while I built my new farm here at Pine Ridge Farms). Thus, I am reminded of how precious, cute, and fun Clover, my miniature donkey is. I just love giving her hugs every morning and tucking her in at night (she stalls with my big old retired Hannovarian, Dusty). If you have ever thought of getting another horse or maybe a mini pony to keep your horses company, try a miniature donkey instead.

Facts About Miniature Donkeys

1. What is a miniature donkey?

Mini donkeys are a specific kind of Mediterranean donkey. As their name suggests, they’re much smaller than regular donkeys. Besides, to be officially recognized as miniature, the animal has to measure no more than 36 inches. Unlike regular donkeys measures 36 – 48 inches. Indeed, miniature donkeys can be literally half the size of a regular donkey!

2. What’s the history of the miniature donkey?

Miniature donkeys came from the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. They were probably a native species to the area, and they were used for things like carrying firewood, delivering parcels and tending to livestock. In addition, sometime in the 1920s, the miniature donkey was exported to the United States, and that’s when their popularity really took off. Subsequently, they were used for farm labor; they were put in fairs and horse shows. The U.S. and Canada couldn’t breed them fast enough. Today, there are only a small number of miniature donkeys living in their native European home. They’re mostly bred in North America and shipped to other countries.

3. Is the miniature donkey safe to be around?

Yes. Miniature donkeys are placid animals. You might want to watch them around very young children just because of their heft, but they’re completely open to hugs and cuddles from people of all ages. Moreover, the National Miniature Donkey Association (NMDA) even promotes them as a healing presence for the sick, elderly and handicapped. Besides, the organization takes them around children’s hospitals and nursing homes so that people in need can enjoy an affectionate nuzzle from a friendly creature.

4. How much does the miniature donkey weigh?

Indeed, this is one of the most surprising facts about the mini donkey. Even so they’re cute and compact, they still weigh between 200 – 400 pounds. You can’t put them in a bag and carry them around like a chihuahua. Also, they’re thickly-built animals that were bred for work even if you’re treating them like pets instead.

5. How long can a miniature donkey live in captivity?

Given proper care, a miniature donkey will live for around 25-35 years. In addition, since they’re a domesticated breed, they don’t have any of the struggles that feral donkeys face in the wild. Most mini-donkeys are pampered pets, so they tend to enjoy long, full lives with access to food, shelter and medical assistance whenever they need it. Clover is about 10 now and I hope she lives forever!

The Best Donkey Stuff

So if you can’t bring home your own donkey, here is some fun “donkey stuff” you can buy right here at Courses And Horses.
Happy shopping! And come visit Clover here at the farm anytime!

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